Partial Shower Partitions in Europe: Why?

How is someone supposed to shower without spritzing all over the place and causing a big wet mess on the floor in the remainder of the bathroom?

I try and I try. I turn the shower head towards the tiled wall and I try to shower that way. I minimize the mess – but there is still a mess times connection .

As far as placing a bath towel mat on the floor, I pretty much gave up on that as it typically gets soaked — unless I can push it off to the side to keep it relatively dry and yet still reach it with my foot upon exiting the shower.

Perhaps its an insidiously fiendish plot to force guests to clean the floors in the bathroom. Use the bath towel mat — and maybe some other towels — to wipe up the watery floor.

Worse is when the shower head is not adjustable – as in to point it down more, as was the problem with the shower I had this morning…

…and even worse than that is that the water drained slowly — and yes, I did ensure that the drain was open before stepping into the shower area.

Who in the world designed these partial shower partitions, anyway?

Even weirder is that the part of the partial shower partition opened and closed like a door. The opening not partitioned off is already massive enough — is a door really necessary?

Maybe this is simply a matter of style over functionality. I do not believe the style is all that commanding for functionality to take a back seat.

I suppose I just do not understand partial shower partitions; as well as how to properly use them. I must be missing something. If they were complete instead of partial, they would be significantly superior to shower curtains used in hotel bathrooms in the United States.

Would you install one of these things in your bathroom at home without anything else to block wayward water from wandering outside of the bathing area? Not I.

What do you do when you encounter a partial shower partition — besides take a shower, of course?

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