J7 Freezes When Switching On

Issue: freezed when turning on. Just logo showed up and nothing else occurred. I performed delicate reboot then hard reboot to industrial facility settings as you adviced in site yet circumstance stays unaltered. While performing rebooting tasks, a great deal of red letters showed up saying mistake and document not found. I can send photographs whenever mentioned.  leak tech news 

Arrangement: It seems as though the telephone has a degenerate programming. The best thing that you can do right presently is to streak it with its refreshed firmware document utilizing Odin. You can get the firmware document from the Sammobile site which is additionally where you can get the directions on the most proficient method to streak your telephone. On the off chance that this doesn’t work then you should carry the telephone to an assistance place and have it checked.

J7 IP Address Unavailable When Connecting To Wi-Fi

Issue: when I go to associate with my homes WiFi which is a Hughesnet modem it continues demonstrating IP address inaccessible. I have attempted all the fixes I’ve went over yet at the same time no karma. Every other gadget interface without an issue and I have no issue associating with other WiFi sources so I’m at a lost. Would you be able to please help?

Arrangement: What you ought to do for this situation is to overlook the Wi-Fi organize from your telephone at that point restart both your telephone and the modem. When the two gadgets are on then associate with the Wi-Fi arrange once more.

On the off chance that the issue endures, at that point continue with the extra investigating advances recorded underneath.

Wipe the reserve segment of the telephone from the recuperation mode.

Reinforcement your telephone information at that point do a production line reset.

J7 Integration Verification Unsuccessful

Issue: I woke up early today and sam. cosmic system j 7 said coordination check fruitless… . do an industrial facility information reset I was unable to get off this screen I need to hit alright to plant reset it has been resetting all alone for about seven days now and now this?

Arrangement: Try doing an industrial facility reset from the recuperation mode. Observe that the reset will delete your telephone information.

J7 Not Getting Text Messages

Issue: Up until 2 days prior, we could text or quiet each other with never any issue. Presently, I can in any case get calls and messages from him however he can just get calls from me… Absolutely no writings from me. He gets messages from companions… But the sound warning doesn’t come on. A genuine secret. I checked all that I knew to check, including following your data bit by bit on the web. I notice when I go into sounds and warnings… And snap on the sound he has picked… It doesn’t make the sound, though it used to. None of the sounds can be heard. So.. The principle issue here.. Can’t get MY writings and instant message sound/warning can’t be heard. This all occurred out of nowhere… Is his telephone now excessively old? I trust you can help. I likewise looked into his settings and my number isn’t blocked. Much obliged to you.

Arrangement: Try checking if your number has been set in the square rundown.

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